Women in Environmental Services – Samantha

Hey! My name is Samantha and I am a Stormwater Specialist which means my work spans the construction, industrial, and municipal sectors. I am a recent addition to the Metric Team, and in my previous role I was a regulatory inspector with IDEM.

Field Safety Insight – Worker Hydration

We already know, water is the most essential substance on planet Earth. Everything from people, animals, and plants need water to live. Not only does water dictate our productivity from an occupational standpoint, it also is critical to many important bodily functions. In order to be the best version of ourselves daily we need to be mindful of our water intake.

Field Safety Insight – Having the Right Safety Attitude

Every weekday we get into our cars, turn the ignition, and proceed to drive to work. While on the interstate or side roads we have all been subjected to seeing a motor vehicle accident, or see the fire department responding to an emergency. Without even thinking of the ramifications of the event, we mindlessly keep driving listening to our favorite podcast. Little do we know that this mindset has been essentially programmed into our subconscious. To view certain hazardous situations as less hazardous due to the fact that they haven’t happened to you personally.