Metric Environmental managed the Section 106 investigations, including the Archaeological and Above Ground Historical resources. Management activities included coordination with INDOT Cultural Resources and IDNR Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, as well as coordination with intersected historic Consulting Parties. Metric Environmental wrote the Section 106 800.11 Document which detailed a “No Adverse Effect” finding upon identified historic resources. This document was reviewed and approved by INDOT Cultural Resources, IDNR Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, and the Federal Highway Administration.Formal noise analysis was required for this project. Metric Environmental conducted the research and wrote the assessment report which was reviewed and approved by INDOT Environmental Services Division. Also, an Environmental Justice Investigation was necessary which Metric Environmental completed for review and approval by the INDOT Environmental Services Division.

After the Draft CE Level 4 document was released for public involvement, on behalf of the City of Shelbyville, Metric Environmental conducted the public hearing. As no substantive issues were raised by the public, the Final CE Level 4 Document was approved by INDOT Greenfield District, INDOT Central Office, and FHWA on April 10, 2014.

City of Shelbyville
Services Provided
Categorical Exclusion (CE) Level 4
Red Flag Investigation
Noise Study
Section 106 (Cultural Resources)
Wetland Delineation
Construction Cost
May 2012
March 2014
Key Personnel
Vince Epps, CHMM, LEED AP
Principal-in- ChargeSusan Ferestad
Project Manager