Meet Sydney Heidenreich

Summer 2020 Environmental Intern – Cultural Resources

Sydney graduated in the Fall of 2019 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology from Purdue University. She is working towards a second degree in Anthropology for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. Sydney did not originally plan to pursue CRM, she aspired to be a genetic counselor. Due to various circumstances, she realized that it was not what she was meant to do. She found her new path after an introductory meeting with Ken, our President and Beth, our Director of NEPA Services. She was introduced to the world of Cultural Resources. While Sydney does not consider herself  outdoorsy, she believes that the archaeological and environmental report writing, alongside helping cultural preservation makes it all worthwhile.

Working at Metric
Reminiscing on her first day at Metric, she found herself literally caked in mud after her work site had experienced heavy downpour the day prior. From this experience, she learned a great piece of advice when going to work in the field: always choose cargo over jeans. Luckily, her second day in the field was much dryer. Sydney was surprised at how much fun there could be in the field leading her to look forward to what they might work on next. 

Field work is very frequent during the summer season, but there is always desk work to match it. When at home, Sydney has been often reading research and policy materials like the Section 106.

Her recommendations for gear while working a Cultural Resources job out in the field? An over-the-shoulder bag versus a normal backpack, because while walking with all the survey equipment, it is much easier to manage everything in hand while getting things from the bag. Other than that, definitely cargo pants, and sturdy boots.

This summer our interns have risen to the challenge with not only new experiences but new working styles due to COVID-19. We are proud of their hard work and adaptability while remotely working from home as well as out in the field.

Our Internship Program

Metric’s summer internship program offers structured education, training, and hands-on experience in the environmental consulting field.  Our program is designed so that interns receive exposure to multiple service areas. Internships are open to juniors, seniors, recent graduates, or graduate students. Applications for Summer 2021 will be accepted beginning January 1, 2021.

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