What is your background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in public affairs with a focus in environmental management. This summer I started working at Metric as an intern and have now been hired full-time.

What kinds of projects have you completed in the past ten years?

10 years ago I was 11 years old, so I guess graduating college this past spring. I also did two internships during college, one with the Noble County Plan Commission where I did a lot of GIS work and one with Southwest Honey Co. in Fort Wayne, where I taught kids about pollinators and beekeeping. 

What are three career lessons you have learned?
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. 
  • Your plans and aspirations may change as you go, maybe a little and maybe a lot. Be flexible and re-evaluate your goals often. 
  •  Be open to new ideas and suggestions. 
What is something that you would consider one of your greatest professional accomplishments?

I haven’t been in the professional world very long, but I’m proud of the fact that I worked really hard to finish my bachelor’s degree in three years instead of the usual four. 

Name two things our clients can expect when working with you?
  • Friendliness 
  • Punctuality 
What is your personal mantra?

Practice makes perfect. 

What professional values are most important to you?
  • Reliability 
  • Honesty 
  • Growth 
You are happiest when?

When I’m hanging out with my cat or when I’m doing any kind of crafts. I like sewing, crochet, macrame, and have tried a little bit of weaving. I’m always looking for new hobbies! 

Fun facts about April: