What is your background?

I have 20 years of cultural resources experience, starting as an intern at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, New York. I worked on archaeological projects throughout the Eastern and Midwestern U.S., as well as New Mexico, Alaska, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. For my doctorate, I conducted a regional settlement pattern survey in the Isthmus of Rivas, Nicaragua, investigating prehistoric migration and social organization.

What kinds of projects have you completed in the past ten years?

I completed cultural resources compliance projects mostly for utilities and infrastructure clients. One of my favorite projects was for the riverfront redevelopment in downtown Cincinnati. I investigated 19th century building remains and associated artifacts found underneath modern-day pavements. The project also had a big public outreach component. I assisted in creating an historical exhibit, gave public talks and appeared twice on local television.

What are three career lessons you have learned?
  • Never stop learning.
  • There is no non-important question.
  • Communication, thoroughness and integrity are keys to success.
What is something that you would consider one of your greatest professional accomplishments?

For the last 8 years, I have contributed to a real estate blog featuring educational content on history, architecture, historic restoration and historic preservation. The content I choose to write about allows me to think about cultural resources in different and creative ways. Looking through the posts, I can also see how my writing has improved over time. There are 84 posts, averaging about 1,000 words each—that’s almost a book (the average adult book is 90-100k words)!

Name two things our clients can expect when working with you?

I am a great communicator and critical thinker. I will take an abstract problem, break it apart and take large amounts of information, synthesize it and find its patterns. I can present that information in various ways ranging from a body of experts to the general public.

What is your personal mantra?

Find the good in every situation and your life is full of gratitude and meaning.

What professional values are most important to you?
  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Integrity
You are happiest when?

I’m outside, preferably in the mountains or at an historic locale. Fall is also my favorite time of year to be outside (50-60° F and sunny).

Fun facts about Karen: