Advice from Women Working in Environmental Services

Samantha Wicker

Samantha Wickizer

Stormwater Specialist/Project Scientist

Hey! My name is Samantha and I am a Stormwater Specialist which means my work spans the construction, industrial, and municipal sectors. I am a recent addition to the Metric Team, and in my previous role I was a regulatory inspector with IDEM.  

 Much of my workload was focused on inspection of construction sites for stormwater compliance which includes evaluations of erosion and sediment control systems. To say that I had a steep learning curve in navigating my role as an inspector in the construction world, is an understatement, but I went from showing up to a site and hoping no one was there, to leading inspections on multi-million dollar jobs with an entourage of people.  

 It is no secret that the construction industry is a world that is androcentric, but it’s a slowly changing dynamic with more professional women emerging in this field every day. So, if I could give advice to young women out there trying to find their way, it would be that no matter the realm you wish to seek professionally, anything is possible! We all have to start somewhere and never be afraid to ask questions! 

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