Louisville Water Company, Environmental Services
(Louisville, Kentucky) The Louisville Water Company implemented Phase III of its Riverbank Filtration program for raw water supply at the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant. The purpose of the project is to conduct a feasibility investigation to construct an approximately 5 mile riverbank filtration system tunnel with a minimum firm capacity of 120 MGD for the Crescent Hill service area. The riverbank filtration system would use a pump and well system to filter water through the sands and gravels of the riverbank to produce a consistent high quality source of water.Metric Environmental conducted an environmental assessment in the area of the proposed riverbank filtration system alignment to identify any potential environmental impairment that may affect scope, schedule, and budget of the proposed project.Metric Environmental also conducted an assessment for potential project impacts to wetlands, floodplains, archaeological and historical resources, and potential ecological resources. The investigation included a review of record sources and reconnaissance of the proposed project area. Metric Environmental also researched and a created a matrix of permitting requirements of the proposed project.

Black & Veatch Corporation

Project Owner
Louisville Water Company

Services Provided
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Impact Investigations
Environmental Permitting Investigation

Project Cost

October 2013

April 2014

Key Personnel
Vince Epps, CHMM, LEED®AP
Environmental Department Director

Benjamin LaPointe
Project Manager