The demolition of the former Indianapolis International Airport Terminal and associated structures required addressing asbestos, Underground Storage Tanks, potentially impacted soil, hazardous waste, and other regulated waste/materials.  Metric Environmental served as the Owner’s environmental technical representative for the Indianapolis Airport Authority design team for the demolition of the former Indianapolis International Airport Terminal building.

Metric Environmental provided full time oversight of the general contractor concerning environmental related work to ensure compliance with the Indianapolis International Airport (IAA) bid specifications, regulatory requirements, and Airport operations. Oversight included reviewing and managing documents submitted by the contractor such as work plans/procedures, certifications and licenses, disposal methods, RFI documents, etc; and onsite inspection of work areas.  Additionally Metric Environmental monitored, verified, and approved contractor expense items of environmental related force account work billed by the Contractor on a time and material basis.

Metric Environmental provided oversight during UST removal activities and collected confirmatory soil samples as necessary for laboratory analysis.