Metric staff completed all aspects of the NEPA process for this project. This project had a compressed timeline in which to complete the project to secure funding. Metric was able to meet the deadline with extensive coordination with the agencies involved.

Metric Cultural Resource staff completed consulting party, early coordination, a Phase IA Archaeological Short Report and Historic Properties Short Report. The adjacent box beam structure was identified as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) during the Indiana Historic Bridges Inventory, thus impacts to the structure would qualify as a 4(f) use. It was determined, through consultation with the INDOT and FHWA, that the Section 4(f) Bridge Programmatic Agreement was applicable to the bridge impacts. Metric Staff then prepared the 4(f) Alternatives Analysis, using data provided by the prime consultant for the project. Once the Alternatives Analysis was approved the Finding of Effects was prepared. Metric was responsible for coordinating with the client, the INDOT, the Indiana State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and other consulting parties.

Metric Natural Resources staff completed the Waters of the US Delineation Report, Flora Permit and Planting Plan, Section 401/404 Permit, IDNR Construction in a Floodway Permit, and the IDNR Floodway Habitat Mitigation Planting Plan. Additional Section 7 coordination with US Fish and Wildlife was required when bat guano was identified under the bridge in the fall. The issue was quickly resolved, when an emergence survey identified the bats as Big Brown Bats which appeared to be using the adjacent box beams as a roosting location, most likely while traveling to a winter hibernaculum.

Metric NEPA staff completed agency early coordination, the Level 4 Categorical Exclusion (CE) documentation, assisted in preparation of the public hearing materials, and presented the cultural resources information at the public hearing.


Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Services Provided

Historic Properties Report

Phase 1A Archaeological Short Report

Alternative Analysis

Waters Delineation

401/404, Flora, Construction in a Floodway & Floodway Habitat Mitigation Permitting

Section 7 Coordination

Categorical Exclusion (Level 4)